Septic Tanks Advice & Surveys

Septic Tank advice in Kent, Dorset, Sussex, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Septic Tank and Treatment System Surveys & Advice

Septic tanks can cause many problems when things go wrong. Because of their underground location and annual maintenance schedule, they can be easy to forget about. But when they do fail or break, it can result in structural, health and neighbourly issues.

Noticing an Issue

If you notice that grass is dying unusually fast in the area, or if the ground seems unusually saturated (i.e. the rainfall could not have caused it) or if there are unusually strong odours coming from the area, you need to call us right away. Issues with septic tanks will not go away if you ignore them and they can cause irreparable damage to surrounding properties if left untreated.

Contacting Proseptic

Simply call us and we will be more than happy to help with your problem. During the call we will take some details about the reasons for your call and confirm by email the proposed date and time, also make arrangements for you to have the tank emptied.

Our Visit

During the visit, our knowledgeable engineer will inspect all covers, the tank, make a visual check of its condition and if the pipes are blocked, we advise the use of our high pressure jetting machines to ensure free passage of the camera.

We then use the information gathered to diagnose the issue and provide advice, alongside a detailed report of the issues, suggested solutions and quotation. We can also provide the CCTV footage to visually explain the issues and their location – this can be used in cases where local authorities and insurance companies are involved as evidence and to prove liability.