Free Septic Tank Surveys For Insurance Claims

Septic Surveys for Insurance Claims

Many homeowners are unaware that their household insurance can be used to cover repairs and replacements when faults occur in septic tanks, pipes and sewage treatment systems. However, this can be a true relief if issues do occur unexpectedly. It is important to have solid clarification that the sewage treatment system is in full working order before taking out household insurance, to protect yourself during any future claims.

How Will I Know If I am Covered?

Whilst most household insurance policies do not explicitly state that repairs and replacements for sewage treatment systems are covered, if your policy does not state explicitly exclude underground sewage treatment plants and systems, it usually means that the homeowner can claim for septic tank, sewage treatment system and piping replacements and repairs.

 In order to arm yourself against future claims being rejected, it is advisable to have a survey carried out before taking out household insurance, as this can be used as evidence in potential repair and replacement insurance claims.

How Can Proseptic Help?

We offer a comprehensive sewage treatment system, septic tank and piping investigation service to ensure that your system is in full working condition and to support any potential claims in the future, including;

  • Full survey of all sewage treatment system components
  • CCTV imaging survey of piping
  • Blockage removal to ensure free camera passage.
  • A signed and dated sewage treatment report confirming the condition of the system.

We also work closely with UKDP to provide liaison services, unbiased advice and to help you to navigate the landscape of household insurance companies.