Septic Tank Issues and Inspections

Common Septic Tank Issues and Inspections

Signs a septic tank Issue Has Occurred

We get many calls about irregular emptying of septic tanks. Septic tanks should not need to be emptied more than once per year. If more frequent emptying is necessary, there may be a problem with the septic tank in your property. This could range from a serious malfunction requiring a replacement septic tank, or may simply mean that the septic tank you have is not large enough for the property’s requirements.

Our Engineers and Services

With over 25 years’ experience in septic tank issues and solutions, our knowledgeable engineers are on hand to provide a diagnosis, explain issues and give you advice on what needs to be done to fix your septic tank.

We offer in depth inspections and will arrange a suitable time to visit your property and thoroughly investigate any issues you have with your sewage treatment system and drainage.

Septic Tank Surveys and Solutions

Before your inspection begins, we will request that you have your tank pumped so that we can see all possible issues, including surface coating erosion and loss of material shape – causing leaks. We also inspect for signs of solids reaching the soakaway due to failure of the internal pipework.

During our visit, we will first establish the condition of the tank, then inspect the soakaway for issues. Using our advanced technology, we can record all pipe inspection and CCTV investigation. We collate all the findings and provide you with a detailed breakdown of the problems and our suggested solutions. In order to help you make an informed decision, we will discuss all issues with you. We can also show you the CCTV footage to give a clear visual as to the issues, severity and locations. This footage can also be used to prove liability in cases where local authorities and insurance companies are involved.