Septic Tank Repair and Maintenance in Chobham

Surrey Septic tank replacement, septic tank maintenance, new property surveys and new home buyer surveys in Chobham and the GU24 area.

Surrey Septic Tank problem solvers in Chobham

Today we live in a ‘do it yourself’ culture inspired by property developers and the ability to become self-taught. However, if you live in a rural part Chobham or the wider Surrey area and have a septic tank, there’s a prime example of a particular job that remains best left to the professionals; diagnosing and treating septic tank problems.

The first concern is safety – most people wouldn’t dream of trying to re-wire their electricity or to fix a gas leak without an expert, but septic tanks can also be just as dangerous if tinkered with on your own. A septic tank contains several polluting elements other than simple waste; depending on the problem, they can also contain harmful bacteria or gas build-ups. Since the most common problems with septic tanks include overflowing and clogging, you don’t want to make the problem worse, either.

Another reason is an obvious one – it’s unpleasant! Problems with septic tanks can often be diagnosed by smell alone, and if there is a problem with such a system, would you really want to roll your sleeves up and delve into the inner workings of a solid waste system? You’ll need an expert – not only to save yourself an unpleasant task, but also because professionals have the right equipment, clothing and clean-up tools required.

A final reason is that you won’t know what to fix in your septic system if you don’t know what’s wrong with it in the first place, so for a definitive problem to be diagnosed, you need a professional inspection. At Proseptic we offer free inspections throughout Chobham and Surrey, including the smaller villages of Sunningdale, Bisley, Windlesham, Ottershaw, Wentworth and Lightwater. If you’re in these areas and you need to diagnose (and have a professional treat) a problem with your tank, we’d be happy to help. Our main services include septic tank replacement, maintenance of septic tanks, soakaways, and cesspits and much more.