Septic Soakaways - An Economic Alternative in Oxford, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Hants, Surrey, Sussex & Kent

Septic soakaways - An Economic Alternative

septic soakaways and drainage solutions in Kent, Dorset, Sussex, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Surrey

Soakaway Replacements & Alternatives

What is a Soakaway?

A soakaway is the end component of the sewage treatment system, it is where the clean effluent is piped and held until it slowly drains into the surrounding ground or nearby waterway.

How Can I Tell if There is an Issue with my Soakaway?

If a soakaway is blocked, there will be an unusual amount of water or liquid visible on the surface, if the ground feels spongy or squishy, or strong, unpleasant odours have become noticeable, it is advisable to call us to arrange a visit to diagnose the issue.

How do Soakaway Replacements Work?

According to the Building Regulations, new soakaways must have;

  • A trench of 40-250m in length, 600mm deep and 300-900mm wide filled with porous piping and pea shingle.
  • A surface area dictated by calculating the formula in part H of the Building Regulations

The replacement soakaway’s location will be determined by an experienced engineer upon inspection of the ground conditions.with the customers agreement we will conduct a PERCOLATION TEST.

What is a Percolation Test

It is extremely necessary, and required by Building Regulations that where a new septic soakaway is positioned the ground absorption levels are measured by a Percolation Test.

This will require small holes to be excavated in the vicinity filled with water and timed to establish how long the water takes to drop 150mm, we will then interpret the results and advise on the optimum size.

What If I Don’t Have the Required Conditions for a Soakaway?

 In properties where there is a lack of space or suitable ground conditions for the new soakaway, Proseptic have an alternative solution;

We have employed our considerable experience in testing and trialling a novel form of vertical soakaway using borehole machinery to provide a solution to issues with space and conditions.

The service for implementing this includes;

  • A convenient on-site visit to analyse the issues and inspect the site.
  • Checking for external factors which may cause issues with the drainage solution.
  • A liaison service to communicate with local authorities and explain what is happening.
  • Communication with property owner to agree a suitable site and amount of trial bores and tests.
  • Expert knowledge to assess the ground conditions and absorbency
  • A comprehensive quote and explanation of procedures.
  • Communication with local authorities to ensure permission and inspections are carried out.

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