Rewatec Sewage Treatment Plants

Rewatec Sewage Treatment Plants Installation & Maintenance Kent, Dorset, Sussex, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire & Oxfordshire

Rewatec Sewage treatment

Sewage Treatment plants by ReWatec

At Proseptic, we carefully choose products and supplier who fit with our mission to provide high quality systems which last. In line with this, we have chosen to work with ReWatec, a multi-award winning company with the mission statement ‘Be successful, be responsible.” – a statement we can all agree with!

Why ReWatec?

ReWatec are a top environmental business, with over 20 years’ experience in the industry and awards in employment and ethical business practices, we feel that ReWatec are a trustworthy brand, creating great, long-lasting, efficient products and who fit in very well with Proseptic’s ethos.

We supply ReWatec products, such as small treatment plants, collection pits and soakaway components. One of our experienced engineers will take the time to explain all available products, including the advantages, disadvantages, suitability and pricing of all available options during your free visit.

We take great pride in our customer service and the quality of our installations, therefore we always offer up-to-date, expert advice on the most suitable products and components for your property’s sewage treatment system and will always advise if certain brands or builds are likely to cause problems for you or your property.

We have included some images of a ReWatec sewage treatment plant installation below, to give a better understanding of the size and undertaking required to install these systems.

Images from the installation of a ReWatec sewage treatment plant

These images are to illustrate how ReWatec sewage treatment plants are installed and the limited space they require to work efficiently. We hope that these answers and queries you may have, but we welcome further questions and requests for information.