Rainwater Harvesting Systems Maintenance in Oxford, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Hants, Surrey, Sussex & Kent

Rainwater Harvesting Systems Maintenance

Rainwater Harvesting Systems Maintenance

We can offer Septic Tanks as we no longer provide Rainwater Harvesting Systems Maintenance

We are unique in offering our customers an annual check up service to ensure their rainwater systems operate effectively and efficiently so when summer comes and water grows scarce our plants will continue to function to the benefit of our customers.


What we check:

  • Gutters and downpipes – are they free from leaves and debris, are the drain covers clear etc.? in leafy areas it may require the addition of simple filtration baskets.
  • Storage Tank - the storage tank is made from maintenance free materials but water in the tank may build up visual sediment over time and this should be removed if excessive.
  • Pumps - These are usually sealed units and maintenance free, however attached filters may require annual cleaning.
  • Filters – usually the primary filter is for leaf collection in cartridge form this should be cleaned every 6 months, something that often gets neglected. Some systems have two filters the other “in-line” usually in the building, this should also be inspected and cleaned.

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