Rainwater Harvesting System Installation in Oxford, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Hants, Surrey, Sussex & Kent

Rainwater Harvesting System Installation

Rainwater Harvesting System Installation

We can offer Septic Tanks as we no longer provide Rainwater Harvesting System Installation

Proseptic has installed numerous Rainwater Harvesting and Grey Water recycling systems. We have a proven track record in both designing and constructing systems on time and on budget.


In accordance with the requirements of BS 8515, we ensure the water is filtered before entering the storage tank to remove solid particles, usually using a stainless-steel filter installed in the neck of the tank which requires cleaning every 3 months to maintain its efficiency, failure to do so will possibly lead to progressive clogging of the filter. This is usually a cheaper than header-tanks,and in some buildings of modern design header-tanks cannot be accommodated.

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