Grey Water Recycling in Oxford, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Hants, Surrey, Sussex & Kent

Grey Water Recycling

Grey Water Recycling

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Wastewater from all sources in a property other than toilets is known as Greywater.


Most greywater recycling systems collect and treat wastewater from showers, baths and wash basins, excluding the more contaminated water from washing machines, kitchen sinks and dishwashers.


Greywater recycling systems collect this water, treat it and re-use it for purposes that do not require drinking water quality. This recycled water can be used to flush toilets, water gardens and sometimes feed washing machines.  Greywater recycling systems can be installed in new or existing buildings and have the potential to meet a significant proportion of domestic demand for water.


If used for toilet flushing, a well-designed and fully functional greywater system could potentially save a third of the mains water used in the home. You could also reuse greywater for other uses where potable water quality is not essential, such as garden watering. The greater the proportion of greywater used, the less mains water will be needed, which will ease the pressure on water resources. Reusing greywater not only reduces the consumption of mains water, it also reduces the volume of water discharged into the sewerage system.

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