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Legislation, Advice and Installations: Sewage Treatment Systems

At Proseptic, we pride ourselves on offering free, impartial advice based on each customers individual and property circumstances. To do this, we thoroughly research each of our systems and each part we offer, this helps us to maintain a high level of quality components and ensures that each system designed and installed by Proseptic is state-of-the-art and designed to last.

Proseptic Installations

Examples of high-quality systems installed by Proseptic include;

  • Rewatec’s Solido Sequenced Batch Reprocessor to treat wastewater achieving a high final effluent quality.
  • The WTE Vortex and Falcon range for domestic applications.
  • Marsh Ensign Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Marsh Gem2 Retrofit Treatment System 

Components are robustly constructed from corrosion resistant materials, manufactured and performance tested in accordance with BE EN 12566.

Sewage Treatment System Legislation

Current practice concerning septic tanks involves the issuing of discharge permits by local authorities. However, with many authorities deeming septic tanks insufficient when it comes to the quality of effluent cleansing, and it is likely that national legislation will be introduced in 2020 rendering all septic tanks unfit for discharging into a watercourse and meaning that many properties will require support from Retrofit systems or complete replacement with a small sewage treatment plant.

Small domestic sewage discharges from septic tanks, cess pits and small sewage treatment plants will soon need to be registered under the new legislation. In order to help our customers to understand this legislation; you will not need to register providing your:

  • discharge is to ground and is of 2 cubic metres per day or less via a septic tank and infiltration system (soakaway) and is outside a source protection zone 1. (the equivalent of a 9-person occupancy.)
  • sewage is only domestic.
  • sewage system is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and you keep a record of all maintenance. In the case of septic tanks this includes regular emptying records.
  • discharge does not cause pollution of surface water or groundwater.

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