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Retrofitted Septic Tank Installations, Advice and New Legislation

Retrofitted septic tank information, advice and legislation in the south of England

Advice On Retrofitted Septic Tank Installations and New Legislation

A retrofitted septic tank is a conversion unit which upgrades the functions of an outdated septic tank. These will become mandatory over the next year as legislation is introduced by local and national authorities rendering old-style septic tanks illegal.

Environmental Concerns & New Legislation

Local authorities have begun to understand how damaging certain septic tanks can be to the environment and are now suggesting that systems with higher effluent cleansing efficiency should be the standard. Clean effluent is approved to discharge into streams and waterways, whereas less efficient systems discharge more harmful substances and undigested, unfiltered waste – this is bad for the environment.

It is worth considering having a retrofitted system installed as the longevity of newer materials and components mean that your sewage treatment systems will be one less thing to worry about – aside from the annual cleaning and maintenance checks, the system will work beautifully and cause less problems than an older system.

New Legislation Affecting Effluent Discharge

Property owners with septic tanks discharging into ditches and streams will need to have a retrofitted system installed to improve the effluent cleansing to a legal standard. We understand that understanding sewerage management legislation is likely not a top priority for many property owners and to assist, we are offer consultations and visits to discuss your property’s condition and any improvements needed to remain legal.

We always keep our knowledge up-to-date and are more than willing to provide answers and advice for any queries you may have regarding your sewage treatment systems and septic tanks. For advice on how the changing laws may affect you, or if you wish to discuss any current issues with your septic tank, cesspit or drainage field, do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 505 3230 or at [email protected]

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