About Soakaways

Generally a buried drainage feature, soakaways are a compliant alternative to discharging to a watercourse or sewer or other offsite location. More often than not we install a soakaway alongside a septic tank to ensure compliance with new septic tank regulations.

The latest sewage treatment plants employ bacterial breakdown and effluent separation technologies, to produce virtually clean water once purified. However, due to ground pressure, nature and external environments, the chance of breakage, failure and leaks is always present.

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Soakaway Installation FAQs

Why do I need a soakaway installation?

Unless there is a watercourse, the only option is to dispose of effluent through or into the ground.
The Environment Agency and Building Regulations stipulate that certain criteria must be followed and methods employed which are acceptable to these bodies. As a leading drainage company, we take this responsibility very seriously. Therefore, we offer evaluations, advice and solutions where septic tank overflow is an issue. Septic tank overflow is usually caused by a blocked soakaway. However, whatever the problem, we will consider all available possibilities and discuss them with you to find a solution that works and is affordable.

What are my options for hassle-free drainage?

Sometimes it may only be matter of removing tree roots growing inside the drains. However, in older properties, deterioration of the pipes may result in collapse. These can be easily remedied without digging up gardens or damaging the property.

In more serious situations requiring a new plant installation, we will liaise with the people who matter: The Environment Agency and the local Council Building Inspector. To ensure full customer satisfaction, we absorb the cost of these engagements.

Finally, we deliver a full install and our 2-year groundwork guarantee on all construction works.

*Only certain areas will be suitable for absorption and have the required structural formation for dissipation of the cleaned effluent. At our visitation, we will discuss the condition of the property and all possible solutions.

How do you install a soakaway?

To install a soakaway, excavation and removal of the existing ground is required. Usually, this ground is replaced with a structure made from concrete, a fabric membrane or other plastic system.

We can also install Soakaways retrospectively. However, we need to make checks to the existing pipes and sewage treatment system before confirming.

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  • Soakaway surveys, inspections, installations and on-going maintenance are carried out by our team of highly experienced engineers. We pride ourselves on our customer service which is why most of our work actually comes from client referrals.

What can you expect from Proseptic

  • Our customers are more than a sales opportunity. We want your sewage treatment system and soakaway to work for you. Therefore, we deliver all soakaway installations with longevity, quality and efficiency with minimal hassle.
    We endeavour to explain all drainage options to you so that you can feel confident and make an informed decision, armed with all the information available.