Installation, Reinforcing and Pipe Lining

Pipe Lining, Reinforcement and Installation

Rather than replacing old, worn or damaged pipes, many people choose to reinforce the existing infrastructure with pipe lining instead – this lines the current pipes with new, stronger inner pipes. This is cost-effective and saves a lot of hassle by removing the need to remove the entire existing network, dig trenches and interrupt the property’s residents for days or weeks at a time. In properties where pipes traverse beneath the building or house, lining is the only option as the pipes would be impossible to replace.

Our Knowledge & Experience

Proseptic staff have over 30 years’ experience in the lining of pipes and bring unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise to your door. All parameters are taken into account in the design of the solution, depths of ground water, condition of existing pipe structure, stability of surrounding soils, type of liner, liner thickness, access for insertion, etc.

It is also necessary to consider lateral connections, in October 2011 the responsibility for many private sewers and lateral drains which drain to a public sewer and extend beyond a property boundary, transferred to water and sewerage companies, therefore the responsibility for a problem may lie with the water company.

Our Equipment and CCTV Imaging

When investigating issues with pipes, we use CCTV equipment, this means that we can provide recorded footage to show you, your insurance company and local authorities exactly where the issue is located, how it was caused and what needs to be done to fix it. This may also prove liability in the cases of insurance and local water company involvement.