Drainage consultancy for home owners and buyers

Drainage Consultancy & Maitenance

Home owners and buyers drainage consultancy

Unusual rainfall in recent years has raised awareness of the need to consider the effects of increased water levels in areas previously thought to be immune from the catastrophic effects of flooding. As householders across Somerset and the Thames valley join with the Environment Agency and Insurance Companies to discuss how their homes can be protected from saturation by the very waste washed out of their tanks by the rising water, Proseptic are on hand with advice and solutions.

We have procured and have already installed systems which are sealed to above the highest watermark to prevent sewage and waste overflow during seasons of heavy rainfall.

Home Visits, Surveys and Advice

The Proseptic service offers visits to home owners and buyers and provides a survey of drains and sewage plants prior to a sale. Many of these surveys identify problems with pipes under houses and failing tanks which only become apparent when they are emptied. Our teams are fully equipped to cater for any problems uncovered during the survey with highly specialised structural lining technology we can provide solutions for the most difficult of failures without resorting to excavation of house foundations.

CCTV Equipment

When investigating issues with pipes, we use CCTV equipment, this means that we can provide recorded footage to show you, your insurance company and local authorities exactly where the issue is located, how it was caused and what needs to be done to fix it. This may also prove liability in the cases of insurance and local water company involvement.