Professional, reliable advice, repairs and replacement for cracked sewage pipes

Diagnosing and Repairing Blocked or Cracked Sewage Pipes

Piping Issues: Know The Signs

One of the most common pipe issues we see at Proseptic is caused by sheer age. Through no fault of property owners, pipes crafted from pitch fibre, cast iron, salt glaze and asbestos cement in the past, are now degrading and causing problems for property owners.

Foul smells, wet lawns and an increased regularity between empties are all common signs that parts of an old system have begun to fail due to age.

Diagnosing the Issue

Our engineers survey the whole of a property’s sewage network to establish the cause and recommend the correct form of remedial action. We have gone the extra mile to equip our teams with the right equipment to discover and rectify problems immediately – this is because sewage pipes invariably pass under houses, therefore when pipes collapse the whole structure of the property can be at risk. Using the very latest “no dig” technology we can remove blockages and replace complete pipe lengths without having to excavate between access holes. When confronted with blockages we carry high pressure jetting machines to efficiently remove debris allowing uninterrupted access to sewage networks.

CCTV Imaging

When investigating pipework, our experienced engineers use CCTV equipment to externally view the internal infrastructure and reach hard-to-see areas. The great thing about this is that we can show you real-time footage of our investigation and illustrate the issues, location and suggested solutions. This footage is also recorded and can be used to evidence insurance claims and provide a visual to local authority personnel.