Diagnosing Issues and Replacing Cesspits


Cesspit Issues and Replacement Advice

At Proseptic, we’re proud of our extensive experience and knowledge surrounding cesspits, in order to prove our knowledge to our customers, we offer a visit to assess your property and individual circumstances and offer the best, most cost-effective solutions.

Spotting Cesspit Issues

Cesspits are sealed spaces, used to store effluent where alternative treatment methods are not available usually due to poor soil drainage conditions such as blue clay. These cesspits are usually lined with brick or another solid material and can cause issues if not maintained properly. The first signs of an issue are usually;

  • Puddles or excess effluent surrounding the area where the cesspit is located.
  • Strong, offensive odours.

Repairing Cesspit Issues in Time

As soon as either of these signs arise, it is important to call us to diagnose the issues. It is important that these issues are looked at as soon as possible, as malfunctioning sewage treatment systems and components can cause health issues, structural damage and problems with neighbours, due to property damage, overflow and unusual smells.

In groundwater Protection Zones, cesspits may be one of the only acceptable effluent disposal method, alongside clay soil. In these areas where no other options are available, a new cesspit must be large enough to store 45 days of effluent multiplied by the number of occupants in the property x 180 litres per day. For this reason, we advise any new homeowners with an existing or new requirement to contact us on 0800 505 3230 for a free evaluations and expert advice on the options available for waste management.  Once we carry out our survey, we provide a report containing details of any issues.