CCTV Surveys for sewage treatment plants and drainage systems across the South of England.

Surveying Drains using CCTV Imaging

Why Use CCTV Drain Surveys?

CCTV Survey equipment is a key part of any professional’s armoury. However, Proseptic’s reasoning is twofold –

  • The equipment means that we can see what is happening in pipes and hard to reach places, including piping infrastructure which snakes under buildings and in areas which both we and you, do not want to dig up the ground to perform diagnostics. This makes surveying easier and more efficient for our engineers.
  • The ability to stream and replay the footage means that we can show our customers exactly what we have diagnosed, where the problem is and we are able to explain exactly what we propose is needed in order to fix it. We hope that this will eliminate some of the mistrust many people have in contractors and improve our relationship with our customers. The footage is included in the diagnostic, suggestions and quotation report and a member of our team will always be willing to explain what you are seeing.

Assisting with Authorities and Insurance Quotes

This footage can also be shown to local authorities and insurance companies in order to answer any queries they may have when it comes to financing replacements and repairs through buildings insurance.

We are able to provide copies of the recorded footage with the customer package provided when a quotation is requested, this package also includes details of the issues found, suggested solutions, full pricing and information about further care options offered by Proseptic.

Our CCTV footage inclusion serves as proof of any recommended solutions and we are more than happy to explain and justify any replacement parts, repairs and expenses suggested by our team and engineers.