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Proseptic have over 25 years’ experience in the industry, meaning that our teams are equipped to deal with any signs of damage or emergency situations.

We know that, on the surface, your sewage treatment system and soakaway may appear to be working fine, but the surface does not always tell the full story, so if any signs of damage or issues arise, it is important to contact us straight away to prevent further damage – which may become irreparable or costly.

Why Contact Proseptic?

As your sewage treatment system and soakaway are located away from the property and when working correctly, causes no issues – they are easy to forget about. However, when something goes wrong within the septic tank or sewage treatment system, it can cause a range of problems, including;

  • Health issues
  • Structural damage
  • Issues with neighbours

If you begin to notice unusually saturated, wet or squishy ground surrounding the system or soakaway, dead grass or unusually strong odours, it is time to call us to book an inspection.

What are the signs of damage?

 Due to the location and underground nature of sewage treatment systems and soakaways, damage or blockages can be hard to spot, but the following signs are a good indication that something is wrong and an inspection is needed;

  • Unusually wet or squishy ground – The ground surrounding the sewage treatment systems and soakaway should not be overly saturated, nor should the soil feel squishy to walk on – this is a common sign of leaks or blockages and needs urgent attention.
  • Strong odours – unpleasant odours do not usually arise from underground sewage treatment systems and soakaways – so if you notice that the area is beginning to smell offensive - there may be a problem causing the system to work incorrectly or leak uncleansed effluent.
  • Dead grass – when the leak is not so severe as to cause noticeably wet ground, and there are no strong odours present, the health of the surrounding grass can be a good indicator of the state of the mechanisms underground. Any leaks or problems will affect the surrounding grass, so if the grass and plants in the surrounding area suddenly begin to die – it is time to book an onsite inspection to make sure that everything is okay.

If you think you have noticed unusual signs of damage around your sewage treatment systems, call us today to arrange your onsite inspection.

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